Trixie Team

An all-women bike polo team out of the Sacramento Valley.

They are here to kick some polo ass and to inspire more women to play!

We’re on a mission

The Trixies are an all-women bike polo team from California dedicated to women’s advocacy in bike polo and the wider biking community. While bike polo is an all-gender sport, women are a minority, and in many city clubs, completely absent. We want to help break down barriers to women’s participation in this growing sport.

We develop resources and organize special events to encourage a more inclusive polo community. In April of 2014, we helped organize and host the first women’s majority tournament in California, the California Ladies Bike Polo Summit.

This tournament was an opportunity to inspire and encourage women in the polo community and was geared towards helping teams prepare for Ladies Army 6, a worldwide women’s tournament held in Toronto this June, 2014.

The Trixies also organize women majority polo practices geared towards beginners who want to try out bike polo. Most recently, the Trixies are working on creating a free guidebook for clubs to better support and include women players. This guidebook is based on interviews with other women in the bike polo community.

Meet the players


Tine Tine


Finding your goalie's holes

Favorite Gear

Lacrosse gloves

Worst Polo Injury

Pinky Sprain

Tine hails from San Jose and now calls Sacramento home. She started playing polo in 2012 but broke her foot so she could take 10 months off. She's been back at it for almost a year and is a true slayer.




    Watch out for her lefty bullshit

    Favorite Gear

    Edible Pedal bike & Bern helmet

    Worst Polo Injury

    Sprained wrist

    Born and raised in Michigan, Jenny moved to Davis, CA to get her PhD in Sociology. She's been part of the bike polo community for over two years but only started playing in November of 2013.


      Mean Jean


      Jersey ‘tude and stealing your balls

      Favorite Gear

      Fox launch knee pads

      Worst Polo Injury

      Wrist stress fracture

      Jean comes out of New Jersey but made Sacramento her home. Jean's played polo since September of 2013. She's dedicated her time and energy to becoming a ninja on the court and she's here to win.

        Bicycle polo is an all-gender sport that infuses cycling and basic principles of horse polo and hardcourt hockey with teams of three attempting to score five points.
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        Why we love Bike Polo

        In a world where women’s looks are constantly scrutinized, bike polo is a space where women are valued for what they can do on the court, how much ass they can kick, not how pretty they are while doing it. This is why we love polo and why we want to get more women playing.

        Bike Polo teaches us that it’s okay to get hurt, that we won’t die from a bruise or a fall and that everyone has something important to contribute. These values translate into the rest of our life. We’re more confident, and feel empowered to speak up and motivated to act.